Our Team

 We are a group of talented researchers, professors and consultants from different professional backgrounds and experiences. We gather our stories and join efforts to produce advanced qualitative research.

Norma Lucia Soncini 

Psychologist, Master in Communication Sciences & College Professor, fascinated to understanding human behavior and cultural trends to recognize underlying motivations that drive consumer choices.

Over the last 20 years she uses her experience and background to implement thoughtful research methodologies and examine data through a critical lens that facilitates actionable client strategy.

Norma has extensive experience in conducting focus groups, online moderation, in-depth-interviews and on-site ethnography with several targets. She seeks to be always updated with advanced qualitative methodologies – projective techniques, emotional laddering, photo ethnography, logbook, storytelling, innovation co-creation LAB.

Luiz Arnaldo Stevanato

Psychologist, Master and PhD in Business Administration, MBA Professor, Career Coach, Consumer Behavior & Organizational Culture Consultant, he combines his breadth of knowledge with fresh perspectives by drawing on his years of experience, which span a variety of industry types.

Luiz bring together an important set of skills from Human Sciences and Business Strategies that enables to build consistent scenarios to design strategic marketing actions. He has provided his expertise to help an extensive list of clients.

During 33 years he has worked as a social psychologist applying his knowledge to different areas like consumer behavior research, organizational culture, career developmen, and leadership.


We have a high level network of partners to support all kind of qualitative research activities – highly experienced recruiters, specially designed facilities for focus groups & in-depht interviews, solutions and support for online research, translators, transport, film crew etc.

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