Methods & Tools

Qualitative research work could be translated by “passion for understanding human behavior”.

S&A Consumer Research experts are focused and well prepared to wield a robust a toolkit to conduct a provocative qualitative work with empathy, forging connections with respondents, encouraging them to reveal the true reason behind their behaviors. We provide a deep and broad understanding of people as individuals, in their multiple contexts and identities.

Our methods of analysis allow to the clients deeper and wider knowledge about research problems. We are committed to transform data into meaningful and relevant information.

Focus group (in person/on-line)

Our strategy is a carefully conceived combination of tradition and creativity. From recruiting to homework, moderation to interactive exercises, co-creation tasks, we design deeply immersive sessions to inspire differentiated strategies, resonant marketing and breakthrough products. The primary goal is go deeper with a range of techniques (projective techniques, emmotional laddering, Story Telling) – to uncover the rationale and deep emotional insights that drive behavior.

In-Depth Interviews (in person/on-line)

Our structured one-on-one interviews focus on individual responses and reactions. This approach is particularly useful for hard to reach audiences, like business executives, or for sensitive subjects like healthcare. We conduct interviews individually in the home, at the store or office, online or anywhere to provide you with an intimate glimpse into your targets’ motivations, behaviors and needs.

Observational Studies – Ethnographic approachs

It means full immersion in consumer’s or professional’s lives, in order to see things from their perspective, whether in person or virtually. We offer many shapes and tools – on site immersion, photo ethnographic, video diaries & journals, scrapbooks logs –  which letting us to see what the targets can’t always explain by words. Through this technique we can capture rich insights when consumers or professionals are “in the moment“ – home, stores, offices, schools, hospitals etc . With great help of mobile research technology we can detect future needs, identify emerging routines and understand the nuanced emotions and motivations that underlie behavior.

 A toolbox of techniques to achieve the goal…

Rube Goldberg Machine


  • Innovation & Product Development
  • In-Depth Analysis of New Product Ideas and Brands
  • Ad development & Concept testing 
  • Packaging & Visual Development
  • Point-of-Sale communication improvement
  • Testing and identifying winning initiatives to drive sales in-store
  • Shopper Insights
  • Exploratory Analysis of New Markets
  • Identify growth opportunities in new markets
  • Trend Analysis
  • Cultural Insights

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