Why S&A Consumer Research

Perspective refined by experience We truly believe in Albert Camus quote: “You can not create experience. You have to go through it!” Our team is composed of enthusiastic and dynamic seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience in qualitative research, consumer behavior, marketing & business.

We are specialists our research team are constantly engaged to produce knowledge in many fields. We are not just qualitative research experts, but also college professors and speakers in permanent search of consistent theories to put into practice.

Consistent insights we are focused to bring deep perspective regarding business issues and target audiences. It’s possible by a mixed of qualitative method approaches.

Opened minded teamwe are open to constructive new ideas to achieve research goals specially when merged with time-honored techniques.

Focus on clients needs there is no “ready to go research”. We understand the clients’ research needs are unique, and our team works hard to offer tailor-made solutions according to the needs of each project.

Provide best experiences traveling abroad could be a challenge, specially when in business trip in Brazil. We have a highly specialized technical staff trained to attend to the specific needs of each qualitative research projects, providing all support to carry out any kind of qualitative study – recruitment services, research facilities, professional translators. It also includes travel tips, of course.


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